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The Masters

When the PGA tour announced the suspension of the 2020 season I'm sure all golfers thought about the majors and the Masters in particular. The Masters marks the beginning of the official golf season, the end of those long, cold winter days and the beginning of spring. Hearing the first major of the year and arguably the most iconic was cancelled confirmed to us that there may not be any golf for the rest of the year. It's quite hard for many of us to understand as we've never been in a situation like this before. Then we got news of the new dates for the majors and everybody's spirits were lifted almost like there's light at the end of the tunnel. I was gutted that they decided to completely cancel the Open for 2020 but given the current situation in the U.K it is understandable. The Masters in November however should be interesting, the event normally marks the beginning of the golf season but instead this year it will mark the beginning of the holiday season. It will be interesting to see how Augusta looks and plays in late Autumn, it makes for good viewing. As tour professionals we get to play in great conditions all year round, the colder, wetter conditions will give a new insight to the Masters. Something to look forward to, for now let's stay healthy and hopefully we'll be back to normal soon enough.


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