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Custom Fitting - Is it worth it?

I'm sure many of you have thought about getting a custom fitting or maybe you've done that already. The problem is there is so much choice and variation in price that it's hard to know where to begin and price doesn't always determine quality. First off I can tell you that if you're serious about your game then having custom golf clubs is a must, with the improvements in technology now you can improve your game significantly with the right set. However if you've just started the game then you don't have to worry about this, you would benefit way more from finding a coach and investing your money into lessons for now.

For the more experienced golfer choosing a location for your fitting can be tricky but there are ways to help you make the right choice for all budgets. As I've said before the game doesn't have to be expensive, its choice. If I were to recommend a few places then True spec golf, club champion and PGA Superstore come to mind as good choices with nationwide access. If you're looking for a more personal feel then there is a new independent fitting location which has just opened up in South Florida called R&D golf. The owner has worked on the PGA tour as a club builder for the worlds best for 10 years now and continues to do so. During the weeks he is home he operates from his studio performing fittings on an appointment only basis using the best technology available such as Flightscope, Sam putt lab and has an array of quality shafts that only a few can access. What makes this place unique is the owners skill set, during your fitting he can actually build you the clubs and preferences so that you can try them during the session. The cost of the fitting is $100 per hour, which is cheaper than most of the services out there today and considering the quality and experience he has makes it an insane price. If this is something that interests you then click the link or here or get in touch to set up an appointment, members receive a discounted price.


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